No, not the village green-preserving Muswell Hill–based battling brothers – but rather continuing teething problems. Madonna, one of the artists who owns a stake in Tidal, has been defending it against mounting criticism. She played the “Give it time” card, saying that it is a relatively new service and they are currently “working out a lot of kinks”. She was especially defensive about the idea – not helped by THAT press event in March – that the service is a vanity project for cosseted pop stars who long ago left the real world.

“It’s important that people understand we didn’t create Tidal, we didn’t put this together, we didn’t all join forces because we’re broke and we want more money,” she said. She is one of the marquee artists who jumped in and gave Tidal exclusive content to help it out of the gates, but her video debut for ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ was a technical mess. This only further fuelled its critics’ belief that Tidal’s owners were telling everyone they had bought a BMW when in actual fact they’d been handed the keys to a clown car. “We live in a society now where everybody just expects everything to be for free, but you don’t get a house for free,” she added. “You have to pay somebody to build it.” There are many who find the idea of rich pop stars setting up their own service distasteful, which would explain their defensiveness. But the fact is they have a serious PR problem on their hands that interviews alone cannot fix and the real effort needs to happening “under the hood”.

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