Fast Company has a brief, but interesting, look inside Vessel, the subscription-based video company that is trying to persuade creators, including musicians and labels, to give it a 72-hour exclusive window on new videos before they take them to other platforms (e.g. YouTube). Founder Jason Kilar does not talk about music specifically, but there were some intriguing comments about the context of video consumption and how that is changing. “We’re building a service rooted in passion,” he said.

“What we want to do is provide fans access to the content and creators they adore, on the devices that matter most to them—mobile devices.” What he says about the ‘snacking’ nature of mobile consumption is particularly pertinent. “People take out their phone and turn it on more than 60 times in a day for the average human,” he argues. “Sometimes you might have 90 minutes on the subway or whatever, but 60 discrete sessions a day with this device? It’s a very different use case versus having two hours to watch a feature film uninterrupted. This is something our team is very aware of.” Short form is the “killer app”, according to his stance. Which puts music in a reasonably strong position (given its currency for decades has been the three-minute single) to turn this to its advantage.

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