Beatport has apologised for delayed payments to dance labels from its store and streaming service, promising that they’ll be made this week. SFX Entertainment chairman Robert Sillerman wasn’t weasling his words either. “The way we handled this was inexcusable and should never have happened,” he said in a statement. “The thousands of creators who have made Beatport what it is today deserved better, and I am deeply embarrassed, both personally and professionally, by what has happened.”

And no wonder: to add insult to injury, some labels – including majors – *were* paid by Beatport, spurring anger among some indies at seemingly preferential treatment. Beatport claims otherwise: “While the majority of payments were delayed, some payments were made before the hold went into effect, and those included payments to major labels and some labels participating in the new Beatport streaming service,” claimed the company’s email to labels. “This was not preferential treatment in any way, but we understand how the optics may illustrate just the opposite.”

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