Music discovery service This Is My Jam is bowing out, with its founders announcing over the weekend that they have “decided to stop operating” the service in its current form. Launched in 2011, the site focused on getting people to recommend one track they loved at a time, building up a catalogue of more than 2m recommendations from 200k music fans. Its closure now isn’t a huge surprise, in truth, with co-founders Hannah Donovan and Matthew Ogle now working at (respectively) and Spotify,

while the efforts around discovery that it helped to ignite are influencing the evolution of the main streaming services. What’s refreshing is that they’ve gone to some effort to reduce the impact of the shutdown on people still using This Is My Jam. “We hate it when projects we love go dark, so we’re taking a different approach and archiving Jam the best possible way we can manage,” they wrote in a blog post. “This Is My Jam will become a read-only time capsule in September. This means you won’t be able to post anymore, but you’ll be able to browse a new archive version of the site.” And users’ profile data will be exportable as text lists, and via a read-only API. A model to follow for others.

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