None of Taylor Swift’s music is available to stream on Spotify, but she’s still popping up in some user’s Discover Weekly playlists, as The Verge discovered. Journalist Kaitlyn Tiffany was surprised to find ‘State of Grace’ from Swift’s last-but-one album ‘Red’ in her latest discovery playlist, but was told by Spotify that this was a bug “which allows it to occasionally accidentally list songs that aren’t available to stream

(whether because of the listener’s geographic location or because the music was once in Spotify’s catalog but was then removed)”. And because Tiffany has the song in her local collection, she was able to stream it as part of the playlist. All good fun, then, although it has made us think about how Discover Weekly (or, perhaps, a spin-off Rediscover Weekly?) could help Spotify users re-engage with some of the music from their original collections that’s been imported into the streaming service’s desktop client.

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