The digital marketing campaign that’s made us smile most this week comes from Yacht, the (excellent) electro-pop band who are preparing for the release of their new album ‘I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler’. As part of that, they have sent 300 fans copies of the new album’s artwork, but not digitally: by fax. Fans had to log in to a website to find the nearest shop that offers fax services,

then visit it to pick up the faxed album art, along with what The Verge is describing as “a manifesto written by YACHT detailing the history of fax art” – bedtime reading of the highest order. Why? “We did this because there are 17 million fax machines in the US and they’re not having any fun,” claimed the band, before following up in an interview. “We’re thinking about it as ‘How can we release an image to the public in a limited way before it’s released to the public in a broad way?’ And the only way to do that in this age is to release it as a piece of paper.” Drones, Google Maps and a BuzzFeed listicle are also part of the album campaign.

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