Getting a glowing recommendation from Ryan Adams on Twitter and Instagram is good, but know what’s better? Writing about it on Reddit then getting onto that site’s frontpage. In fact, it’s 40 times better. Artist Christopher the Conquered is the lucky musician benefitting: his post about the “Ryan Adams bump” was upvoted nearly to the top of Reddit’s homepage earlier this month. The effects: 76k page views on his website, 56k YouTube views of his latest video, 57k SoundCloud plays of his new single, and hundreds of new followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Oh, and actual sales online of $3.4k: meaningful for an independent musician. “The Reddit hammer is nearly 40 times more powerful” than the Ryan Adams bump, explained Christopher. “If you were to use the hypothesis in my original post, that would mean that this might be the equivalent of being mentioned in a tweet by someone with 25 to 30 million followers, though honestly I think that the Reddit impact would still be bigger, maybe closer to if Taylor Swift tweeted about my music to her 62.2 million followers.” And of course, Reddit isn’t a marketing platform as such: there’s no way to guarantee a repeat of this effect to any artist. But it may be a reminder to labels to explore what they *can* do on Reddit: for example, Ask Me Anything interviews.

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