Spotify confirmed earlier this week that its new terms and conditions will bar users from selling slots in their playlists. Perhaps the company should start its crackdown by browsing online marketplace Fiverr, where dozens of people can be found charging $5 to bump up Spotify plays of songs. Many of these are small-scale (unsurprisingly, given the price), promising to play a given track for 24 hours.

Others are not, though: one Fiverr user called ‘Geordielee’ claims to be able to “get your track heard by over 75,000 people on Spotify” for $5, adding it to his ‘GeordieLee’s top tunes of all time’ playlist – although it’ll cost $20 to add it at the top. He’s not lying, either: on Spotify, Lee Ridley has more than 50k followers, and 76k subscribers to the specific playlist mentioned. With 722 songs, we’re not sure the $5 would be well spent. People offering playlist slots for payments on Fiverr will be easy to crack down on, but Spotify’s bigger task will be identifying playola that isn’t advertised so publicly.

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