Baboom is tackling post-Kim-Dotcom life with enthusiasm, having launched its MySpace-meets-SoundCloud service earlier this month. CEO Grant Edmundson claims the company is signing up around 1,000 artists and 17,000 fans a day at the moment, in an interview with Billboard that shed more light on how he sees Baboom evolving. “We want to constantly provide a constellation of other opportunities for artists.

Let’s bring in this person, that organisation, this album cover designer — whatever the case may be,” said Edmundson. “We want artists to say ‘I’m not getting this anywhere else.’” Baboom is also planning to add ticketing to its service to “really put a cat amongst the pigeons… We’re here to provide a boutique experience for independent artists. The idea is not to put the spotlight on Baboom, but on the artist and their content.” But his best quote concerns Baboom’s unwillingness to try to match the likes of Spotify for overall catalogue size: “The thing with that is it becomes a big dog pissing contest… if you’ll excuse the phrase.”

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