There’s a minor rumpus a-brewing in the UK over the removal of a game soundtrack from the Official Classical Artist Albums chart. The widely-praised soundtrack for the excellent Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is the work of composer Jessica Curry, with word-of-mouth fuelling its rise into the top 10 of the chart earlier this month.

Except, as Engadget explains, the album was nowhere to be found in the rankings the following week: removed according to the Official Charts Company because original soundtracks – even when performed by single artists – are not eligible for this particular chart. “Just snobbery in action. And its bullshit. Check the chart listings. Apparently movie soundtracks are OK but games are not. Hypocritical,” tweeted the game’s developer The Chinese Room. The reason for that anger was the appearance in the chart of The Complete Harry Potter Film Music in the week of Curry’s removal. For its part, the OCC says there’s no anti-games snobbery, saying of the Potter album “It’s an error. It shouldn’t be in there either and will be corrected”.

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