Nielsen’s latest Music 360 report has some updated stats on music consumption in the US, including the claims that while 91% of Americans listen to music, 75% of them do it online in a typical week, while 44% do it on their smartphones. That filters in to a survey of how people discover music in the US: 61% say they do it through AM,

FM or satellite radio; 45% from friends or relatives; 31% from film soundtracks; 27% from online audio or video streaming services; 25% from social media; and 23% from TV. There’s also a sobering question about how many people are likely to pay for a streaming service in the next six months: 9% are very or somewhat likely; 13% are neither likely nor unlikely to; and 78% are somewhat or very unlikely to. Why won’t people subscribe? 46% agreed that the services are too expensive, 42% cited the competition from free streaming, and 38% think they won’t use it enough.

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