Don’t fall off your seat in shock, but it seems Justin Timberlake is no longer ‘creative director’ of the revamped Myspace. Heaven forfend that was just a publicity stunt for its relaunch. Still, the social network’s owners Specific Media have been talking up the site’s continued relevance, with co-founder Tim Vanderhook telling Business Insider that “MySpace was an opportunity I believed in; that we could revive MySpace …

acquiring MySpace was about MySpace itself, and making it competitive in today’s world”. Data from comScore suggested that Myspace was bigger than Snapchat and Vice in terms of traffic at the end of 2014 – figures that could be argued with, for example Vice’s ‘traffic’ is as much on YouTube and other social platforms as its own site. But it seems Myspace’s focus in 2015 is attracting a younger demographic who aren’t just nostalgic to see their old photos. “The set of users we don’t have today is youth: 15, 16, 17-year-olds…”

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