In April, Facebook said that it was seeing 4bn daily views of native videos uploaded to its service, although that number has surely increased since.

It sparked plenty of debate about what kind of rival Facebook is presenting for YouTube, but also discussion of what those ‘views’ meant, given that videos automatically play in Facebook’s news feed, and a few seconds counts as a view.

Now a study by SimilarWeb claims to have found a better metric to compare YouTube and Facebook: daily viewing hours.

“Every single day, Americans spend an aggregate of 8,061 years on YouTube, compared to 713 years watching video on Facebook,” claims VentureBeat’s write-up of the report.

So yes, these are just US stats, but still instructive: if correct, YouTube is generating 11 times the daily viewing hours of Facebook.

Globally? “Every day, the world spends almost 46,000 years glued to Google’s digital video platform. While Facebook has grown significantly and sucks up well over 100,000 years of aggregated attention daily across the entire planet, only a small fraction of that is video. Globally, it’s about 5,625 years…”

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