Spotify matches Pandora with 1.7bn monthly listening hours


Alongside its announcement today of its new Fan Insights analytics dashboard, Spotify published a new statistic on its popularity: 1.7bn listening hours a month.

That’s how much its “over 75 million users” – a figure we suspect is higher but Spotify is waiting to hit 100m before updating it – are listening each month on the streaming service.

It’s also a useful stat for comparisons. For example with Pandora, the streaming radio service whose just-announced acquisition of Rdio’s assets signalled its ambition to become a direct rival for Spotify in 2016.

Pandora also makes its active-users and listening-hours metrics public. In the third quarter of this year, Pandora had 78.1m active listeners and 5.14bn total listener hours. Which means… 1.7bn monthly listening hours. The same as Spotify, with a similar active-users total.

For now, the two services remain different: personal radio for Pandora and on-demand music for Spotify, albeit with an (unquantified) amount of personal radio-style listening as part of its service too. Note too that Pandora’s listeners are almost entirely in the US, while Spotify’s are global.

Even so, seeing Spotify and Pandora match one another not just for active users, but for listening hours too, sharpens the sense that once Pandora does move into on-demand in 2016 – licensing deals allowing – the two will be fierce rivals.

Now, if only Apple Music, Google Play and Deezer would publish their listener-hour stats, we’d really have some data to crunch…


Stuart Dredge

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