As PR open goals go, launching a global six-month parental-leave-with-full-pay the same day your main rival is in the news for suggesting women struggle to discover music because they’re talking about boys is a biggie.

Spotify was the beneficiary in this instance: yesterday, it announced its new global parental-leave policy, modelled on the (mandatory) system it uses in Sweden. Full-time employees will get six months of leave with 100% pay, taken up to their child’s third birthday – with mothers and fathers alike “encouraged to take the full time off”.

“This policy best defines who we are as a company, born out of a Swedish culture that places an emphasis on a healthy work/family balance, gender equality and the ability for every parent to spend quality time with the people that matter most in their lives,” wrote chief human resources officer Katarina Berg.

It’s a boon for Spotify’s hiring plans, naturally, but there’s a wider debate to be had here about work/life balance within the music and tech industries: parental leave is certainly a big part of that debate, but in an age of round-the-clock emails and constant connectivity, there’s a lot more to say about keeping people healthy and engaged with their loved ones.

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