“The resale of tickets will not be tolerated.” Adele is set to be the hot concert ticket of 2016, and the star’s team is determined to get those tickets into the hands of fans rather than touts or secondary ticketing services.

Some of those services are already testing the policy, as the first batch of tickets for Adele’s tour went on pre-sale this morning to fans who’d registered on her website.

Viagogo is reselling tickets for a range of Adele’s UK dates. For example, for the O2 Arena gig in London on 15 March, it has tickets ranging from £266.99 for an upper tier seat through to £2,100.53 for floor-block tickets.


Ticketmaster’s GetMeIn has tickets ranging from £275 to £770 for the same date, as well as tickets for a range of others:


Interestingly, eBay’s StubHub appears to be heeding the warning and giving the entire tour a miss:


We can appreciate fans’ frustration if they haven’t been able to get tickets from the official pre-sale this morning, but we’d strongly advise against cleaning out your bank account to buy from the secondary sites.

The email sent out to registered fans made the policy for the tour clear: “The resale of tickets will not be tolerated,” it reiterated. “We want to ensure that as many Adele.com members as possible have the opportunity to attend a performance, so any tickets suspected of being offered on resale marketplaces will be cancelled immediately.”

Viagogo is warning buyers and sellers that ID checks are likely on the door. “Buyers of tickets for this event will be accompanied into the venue by the seller,” it claims. “Sellers of tickets for this event please note that you will be required to accompany the buyer into the venue.”


“Please be aware, due to restrictions on the sale of pre-sale tickets for this event the original purchaser may be required to attend and present ID on the night,” warns GetMeIn, in similar fashion.

Adele’s determination to ensure fans aren’t paying through the nose to see her live is very welcome, and there certainly appear to be less tickets on the secondary sites than we’d usually expect. Then again, the general sale later this week could change that.

The tour’s policy should head off industrial-level resale of tickets, but it’s seemingly impossible to stop people, say, buying four tickets, keeping two for themselves and a friend, and then flogging the other two to fund the entire night out.

Although that could be an awkward conversation when sitting next to someone you resold a ticket to for several times its cover price.

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  1. I want to know how Get Me In who are a secondary selling site for Ticketmaster can justify even allowing people to post Adele tickets within minutes of them going on sale on their main site and at massively over inflated prices, I have seen some on offer today in excess of £800 per ticket. I spent more than 3 hours from 9.00am on pre-sale day and the same today trying to get 3 tickets for Manchester. The main sites say re-selling will not be tolerated and yet here we are. In my opinion re-sell tickets should not be available on these sites until much nearer the date of the event, and there should also be a ceiling on how much can be charged for them.

  2. I was able to get three tickets for the 3/18/16 show atbYhe O2 Arena. I am from the Jntued State and unfortunately had to change my travel arrangements and now cannot attend the Adele concert. My tickets are Block 419 Row L seat 894 and Rows Q and R seats 913 so those seats are one in front of the other. I just want face value for them which is them £359.50. Is there any way to do this.

  3. WAITED all morning in the presale line, only to be continually redirected and then told SOLD OUT. Then we check Stub Hub and the nosebleed tickets are upwards of $1200. HOW? WHY?
    This is horrible, and for those who have been fans since DAY!< SUCH a LETDOWN!

  4. Hi Lenni,

    I’ll buy them off you if you haven’t sold them already Unfortunately I didn’t manage to buy any and have been desperately trying to find some!
    Please let me know if you still have them.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Lenni,

    I’d be very happy to buy those tickets off you. I was desperate to buy some but extremely unlucky despite trying and waiting online for several hours. Please let me know if you still have them. I was hoping to give them to my mum for her 60th birthday next year and I was even willing to sacrifice the money and buy off secondary sites but I’m worried that they will be a problem with that.
    Thank you

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