Remember former MOG boss David Hyman’s new venture Chosen?

It launched in March 2015 with $5m of funding as a talent-spotting app – a mobile alternative to shows like The X Factor, complete with licensing deals for songs that its wannabe-stars could sing or lip-sync along to.

Now Chosen has a high-profile media deal, with Ellen DeGeneres. She’s launching the “Ellen’s Dance Off” contest, to get people to upload themselves dancing to a series of hits – starting with Missy Elliott’s ‘WTF’. The winner will be flown to LA to appear on DeGeneres’ chat show.

“It’s a great way for the audience to be engaged in a much more meaningful way and so much of the show revolves around dancing,” Hyman told Billboard, encouraging labels and artists to get involved with the app and its partners.

“It’s like, ‘Hey everybody, come compete using my song either by singing, lip syncing, dancing or whatever’. It’s a much more fun, interactive and an engaging way to leverage your existing fan base with a new song or album instead of just putting it out there.”

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