I wanna stream your band. I saw her streaming there. Don’t Let Me Download. Freemium as a Bird. Ob-La-Deezer Ob-La-Tidal. Being for the Benefit of Mr Ek. Playlist and Shout. Fraction of a Penny Lane. And so on.

Yes, the Beatles are adding their back catalogue to streaming services. Nine, to be specific: Spotify, Apple Music, Slacker, Tidal, Microsoft’s Groove, Rhapsody, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon’s Prime Music.

Details? The band’s entire back catalogue – 13 remastered studio albums and four compilations – will be available to stream from 12.01am across the world, meaning that fans in Australia and New Zealand are already listening to them.

Also useful to know: there is no free/premium windowing for services (e.g. Spotify) that have a free, on-demand tier. It’s an all-albums-everywhere strategy contrasting with the decision five years ago to go with Apple exclusively when the Beatles back catalogue was first made available to download.

The Beatles were the highest-profile streaming holdout, with fellow refuseniks AC/DC also having made their back catalogue available to stream earlier this year.

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