Amazing music-industry job of the week: digging through crates of 80s and 90s vinyl for forgotten dance remixes, then gathering them for digital re-release in 2016.

That’s what Universal Music’s UK Catalogue team has been up to in the last 18 months, working with the Association For Electronic Music to uncover more than 300 tunes that the label says were often only available as limited-edition vinyl at the time of their release.

200 have been released already under the ‘Nightclubbing’ brand on Apple Music, Spotify and Beatport, with 100 more to follow later in the year.

“Key areas of our catalogue were unavailable to a modern audience, so there were lots of missing reference points to the younger fan on why electronic music sounds the way it does today,” said Universal’s Robin Jenkins.

Here’s a Spotify playlist of the first batch of tracks:

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Stuart Dredge

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