WMG launches Playlist a Day app for iOS and Android


There’s a new playlist-discovery app on the app stores, and it comes from – the UK startup acquired by Warner Music in October 2014.

The app is called Playlist A Day, and it popped up on our feed of new music apps this week. “Playlist a Day delivers one expertly curated playlist to your mobile each and every day,” explains its app store listing.

“Love it one day and hate it the next – one thing is guaranteed: you won’t get bored and your music collection will stay fresh. We have made discovering your next big musical love simpler.”

The app requires Spotify Premium for playback, and stores previously-served playlists for later access. “Our mission is to give people access to playlists that are truly share-worthy; whether you’re into pop, rock, charts, R&B, hip-hop, or even super niche collections of Vegan Straight Edge…”

It’s an interesting attempt to develop a new, mobile channel for playlist discovery, with Spotify’s homescreen on mobile tending to give prominence to the streaming service’s own programmed playlists rather than those of third-party curators.

Playlist A Day is available for Android and for iPhone.

Stuart Dredge

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