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  1. Steaming is a serious problem for artists, there’s no way around it. Of particular concern is the attitude and marketing messages that proclaim that streaming replaces physical product. After all, physical product is the financial engine that truly rewards artists equitably.

    Without it, artists can only focus on low budget recordings that lack the time, attention and funding to innovate in the studio. While inexpensive computerized recordings are without question a great entry point for many artists, it is nothing like recording in a professional studio.

    In the same way the record business abandoned records in the nineties, the growing demand over the past decade is a validation that it was a mistake. After all, who wants to live in a one size fits all world without choice?

    The arrogance of tech, who understand how to move files from point A to point B and create a user interface and are somehow visionaries for an industry they know so little about is truly fucked-up.

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