How YouTube played a role in the rise of Tori Kelly


Tori Kelly may be nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys this year, but YouTube has devoted a blog post to her.

It explains how she has painstakingly built up a fanbase on the online video service since posting her first video in 2007 as a 14 year-old.

“She’s bootstrapped her community of now 2 million subscribers, built on prolific uploading and YouTube collaborations, a contrast from the tried-and-true strategy of studio releases and radio play,” explained YouTube’s article.

“Instead of studio releases, her most-viewed videos are covers (albeit well-timed with official releases) and collaborations, the predominant source for gaining new fans.”

Kelly has released more than 200 videos on YouTube, with roughly a third of her subscribers dating from 2013 or earlier: a slow-burning success that’s bringing wider recognition now.

Stuart Dredge

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