“The music industry is a simple game that can be complicated by idiots. If you get the music right, you’ve got half a shot.”

That’s Adele’s manager Jonathan Dickins talking to Billboard about the star’s return in 2015 – and he had a few things to say about her streaming holdout too.

“I do believe that we still have a physical business and I don’t think one-size-fits-all with streaming,” said Dickins.

“I’ve got artists that go day-on-date to streaming services, and I’ve got artists that don’t. Windowing was something that we looked at for Adele, but it’s not something that I would do with other artists I work with, who are equally important to me.”

Dickins thinks the industry’s biggest challenge in 2015 is a creative one, not a digital one: “Not putting out enough good records. There is a ‘short-term-ism’ in the music business. If you have a short-term focus, unfortunately you’re going to get short-term results,” he said. “We have got to do more to bring artists beyond one album… It’s very important that we don’t live in a debut record culture.”

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