YouTube musician Dan Bull criticises Content ID


British artist Dan Bull made his name rapping about everything from games to the Digital Economy Act.

He’s just reached 1m subscribers on YouTube, but in an interview published by Tubefilter celebrating the milestone, he doesn’t pull his punches when it comes to the platform’s copyright system.

“Aside from the sheer scale, I would say that it’s become a much more hostile and corporate-skewed environment, both in terms of copyright and in terms of the success of videos and channels,” said Bull.

He cited the launch of Vevo as an example of “a caste system for musicians on YouTube where the elite would have a well-backed and promoted Vevo channel while the rest of us independent creators were left to fend for ourselves”.

Bull is also a critic of Content ID. “So many of my creator friends have horror stories about Content ID being used and abused and getting in the way of their work and earnings. I don’t think I know a single YouTuber who claims Content ID has helped them.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge