Gramma Music launches ‘reactive radio’ app


Irish firm Gramma Music is the latest music startup exploring the idea of personalised streaming radio.

Or, as it describes its iPhone app, which went live last week: “The worlds first reactive-radio which intuitively uses your mood, activity & environment to play the right song at the right time based on your tastes in music.”

(Complete with a “The playlist is dead, this is reactive-radio” call to arms.)

For now, that means an app that tweaks its stream of music based on several characteristics: mood (including facial recognition tech); noise levels around the device; the user’s current speed and activity; their location (including the local weather; and the time of day.

It sounds technically ambitious – the company claims its technology is already patented – but the company will be tackling the usual challenges: how it makes money, and what kind of licensing deals it might need as the service scales.

Stuart Dredge

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  • It’s great to see a new smartradio service in town! I did try to use the app yesterday but for some reason I’m not able to login via Facebook (that you need in order to login) with my iPhone 5s running the latest iOS9.3. I hope they fix this soon. I really hope it can replace my MixRadio app which recently was closed by Line. We don’t have Pandora, Slacker Radio, CUR Music, MTV Trax in the Netherlands so this could be a great alternative for me. It would also be great if the offered a plus subscription service in which you could have an offline option to listen to 2+ hours mixes/radio stations for a 3-5 euros a month like e.g. Slacker Radio has in the States/Canada.

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