Back in May 2015, MCPS CEO Jane Dyball caused a rumpus with this comment in an interview with Music Ally:

“SoundCloud present themselves as the musicians’ friend, for example. I am friends with musicians and I buy them a drink every now and then. SoundCloud haven’t even bought anyone a cup of tea as far as I can tell.”

Now CEO of publishing body the MPA Group of Companies, Dyball has been telling Music Ally that she views the company more positively now.

“To my mind, SoundCloud redeemed itself as soon as it seriously started to negotiate its licences,” she told us in an interview for our main report this week. However, Dyball thinks the hard work is only just beginning for SoundCloud.

“Their next challenge is on data. They have some issues to think about around data that they need to collect. I really hope they can make a business out of it,” she said.

“The thing is going to be how they are able to account and what data we are able to get. There is a lot of repertoire on SoundCloud that is uploaded by users and is not really identifiable,” continued Dyball.

“They originally said they didn’t need licences so they haven’t had any incentive to manage data very well. That is going to be the test for them: whether or not they are now the good guys. Step one is to get a licence. Step two is to account.”

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