Justin Bieber added 1m YouTube subscribers last month


YouTube may be under fire from some artists, but it remains a powerful online-audience builder for Justin Bieber.

The star added more than one million new YouTube subscribers over the month of March: 1.03m to be specific, taking the overall subscriber count of his Vevo channel to 20.5 million.

At the end of September 2015 Bieber’s channel had 13.2 million subscribers, so he’s added 7.3 million in the last six months alone, buoyed by billions of views of the videos from his last album ‘Purpose’.

Rihanna is also on the up when it comes to YouTube subscribers: her Vevo channel added 825k in March, taking her over the 20 million mark too.

As we’ve noted before, subscribers have grown in importance as a metric for YouTube success, as subscribing to a channel notifies viewers when new videos become available – driving more views but also more watch-time.

The latter in turn bumps videos up in YouTube’s recommendation algorithm to pull in more casual viewers.

Bieber and Rihanna’s channels were the first and second top YouTube channel for net new subscribers in March, according to industry site Tubefilter’s chart, which draws on data from analytics firm OpenSlate.

Stuart Dredge

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