Pop aims to promote music through push notifications


The music industry is pretty down on the idea of artist apps, with few having reached any kind of audience. How about marketing through push notifications though?

That’s an idea eliciting more interest, with smartphone lockscreens potentially – and we’ll stress that last word – an alternative to trying to cut through the Facebook news feed algorithms, for example.

One startup pushing this idea is called Pop, whose app went live this week. Its pitch to artists: “Skip the congested social feeds and update your fans directly with push notifications.”

It hints at response rates as high as 90% – although we wonder if that’s because people like to clear their push notifications by opening them, rather than necessarily ‘responding’.

Pop is styling itself as “a publishing tool to send simple, lightweight push notifications to your fans: your own direct, independent, messaging channel to push relevant content and updates” while stressing that it is “not another social network or fan app”.

Stuart Dredge

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