Ryan Leslie wants more data before he’ll stream his albums


Musician Ryan Leslie is also a startup entrepreneur: the artist behind direct-to-fan marketing platform SuperPhone.

However, those fans can’t get his recent albums, including latest one ‘MZRT’, on streaming services. According to Leslie, the reason isn’t about payout sizes, but rather about data-sharing.

“I absolutely love all of them. I love the ability for fans to be able to discover my music,” Leslie told TechCrunch.

“The main disconnect that I have with streaming services… is that if a fan wants to let me know that they’re my number one fan on streaming — as it stands right now, that data is not passed to me… Once that’s ironed out, that’s when my music will be back on those streaming services.”

A number of artists and managers have called for the streaming platforms to share more data on users. For now, Spotify’s campaigns where it sends promotional emails to the keenest fans of an artist – most recently James Blake when his new album came out – is the closest.

But even then, Spotify is not sharing the data on who the actual fans are, as it mulls how these promotional features can be opened up to more artists without risking spamming of its users.

Stuart Dredge

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