British government reveals IP enforcement strategy


The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has published its IP Enforcement 2020 report, outlining how it plans to protect intellectual property – music included – over the next five years.

Among its proposals: “Reviewing notice and takedown procedures to improve and streamline the process and consider the scope for introducing a Code of Practice for intermediaries.”

That will be music to rightsholders’ ears amid the latest round of debate fuelled by Google and YouTube. Talking of which, the IPO will also be “pushing within Europe for clarification of the current EU rules around platform liability and improving the current system to allow rights holders to more effectively protect and legitimately exploit their copyright”.

When it comes to safe harbour, the British government appears to be aligned with the BPI and IFPI in its desire for such clarification. The report also raises the prospect of a system of “notice and trackdown” under which rightsholders will be able to “challenge infringers”.

Stuart Dredge

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