Analyst claims 1% of YouTube videos have 93% of views


Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner has published some new figures on YouTube, trying to map exactly how big Google’s online-video service is.

“We estimate that as of 1Q16 YouTube had between 1.83 and 2.15 billion videos (our best estimate is 2.0 billion), corresponding to 11.8 billion minutes, or 197 million hours of content,” wrote Kirjner, according to Barrons.

“To date, YouTube videos have been watched an estimated 39 trillion times for approximately 196 trillion minutes.” Based on a sample of 10m YouTube videos, Kirjner’s study claims to have uncovered YouTube’s long-tail nature.

“Content and usage seem to be relatively concentrated across several dimensions. For example, 1% of YouTube videos correspond to 93% of views since inception; 94% of viewing time (since inception) is also concentrated in about 1% of the videos in the library,” he wrote.

“There is also concentration across genres. People and blogs, followed by Music, Gaming and Entertainment are the genres with the largest number of videos since inception in the YouTube library, and together they make up 67% of the total videos in the library.”

Stuart Dredge

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