Open Music Initiative wants open-source music rights


There’s been plenty of talk about more transparency in the digital music world, but action is harder to come by.

Any initiative that includes all three major labels, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and SoundCloud deserves to be taken seriously though.

The organisation is the Open Music Initiative, which has been put together by Berklee College of Music’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE) and the MIT Media Lab.

With more than 50 industry participants, this isn’t trying to create a new Global Repertoire Database for music rights. Rather, it’s trying to create an open-source structure to ensure that the industry’s various databases of rights are more interoperable.

“An open sourced platform around creative rights,” as BerkleeICE’s Panos Panay put it, or “an open architecture for music rights, using a decentralised platform” as MIT Media Lab’s Neha Narula described it.

There are many cooks involved in this project, as the carefully-ordered barrage of spokesperson quotes in the press release shows. We’ll get the first indication of what kind of broth they’ll produce on 22 June, when OMI holds its first gathering in New York.

Stuart Dredge

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