Report 392 – Burning Question

In our Cover Feature we look at the chaos surrounding both Cür and Guvera and what this tells us about the state of digital music in 2016. The market is tilted towards failure and even long-standing services, despite approaching scale, are still not making the numbers add up. The music industry needs more of these services to fly as the alternative – a total loss of bartering power in the vacuum of a duopoly – could be the worst thing that ever happens to it.

In Beyond Music we look at how Netflix is making subscriptions and tiered pricing work – and all with a partial catalogue but while simultaneously investing in new content. Music needs to pay closer attention to this digital TV revolution.

This week’s country profile is Spain that was, just six years ago, close to being dismissed as a lost cause. Free is the reality in the market but, with the move from downloads to streaming, this is proving a lifeline rather than a noose.

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