Anti-piracy firm Rightscorp wasn’t an official party in the recent legal battle between BMG and ISP Cox Communications, but it was an interested observer to say the least. Rightscorp is BMG’s anti-piracy partner, responsible for providing the information on alleged infringers on Cox’s network that formed the basis for the case.

Now the company is celebrating BMG’s victory, and serving notice to other American ISPs of its future intentions. “Many ISPs have taken the position that it was simply impossible for an ISP to be held liable for its subscribers’ actions — even when the ISP had been put on notice of massive infringements and supplied with detailed evidence,” said Rightscorp in a statement. “There had never been a judicial decision holding an ISP liable. That all changed on Monday.” CEO Christopher Sabec added: “Not only has our position on ISP liability been confirmed, but our Company’s technology and processes for collecting and documenting evidence of peer-to-peer copyright infringement on ISP networks has been validated as well.” The question now is whether this will lead to a surge of incoming business to help Rightscorp overcome its well-documented financial troubles.

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