In partnership with Blind Design, Interlude has created an interactive video for Jeff Buckley’s cover of ‘Just Like A Woman’ from his latest posthumous album, You And I. The video follows a story that allows the viewer to explore different phases of a love affair, including the falling in love stage and the heartbreak.

The user can click on different cards to change how the story plays out (a bit like those “choose your own adventure” books that were inexplicably popular in the 1980s). The user can also choose the musical accompaniment, with options ranging from piano through to full orchestration and a choir.


The way that the video is put together, with its musical and visual combination, ensures it’s difficult to have the same experience twice. The idea behind it all is to allow fans to express what the song makes them feel at various moments as well as to open it up for new fans. Similar interactive videos by the same company that Sandbox has reported on in the past include Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, Cee Lo Green’s Google video and Nightbus’ ‘When
The Night Comes’. Dylan’s interactive video for ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ from 2013 was an early initiative by the company that was hugely successful and spurred a row of similar interactive videos. For legacy acts, such as Jeff Buckley, it does work as a way of re-engaging existing fans and opening it up for new, younger fans as well.


The actual experience of the video is, in reality, slightly confusing compared to previous videos as the changes sometimes are very subtle; but it certainly makes you experience the music differently and, after a while, draws you in to experience various facets of the song depending on your interactive choices.

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