Spotify conversions accelerate as it passes 39m subscribers


Spotify’s last official figure for its subscribers total was 30 million in March 2016.

Now we have a new figure – 39 million Spotify subscribers – courtesy of the company’s new global head of creator services Troy Carter. He let the figure slip in an interview with Billboard yesterday.

It’s a significant statistic, because it shows that Spotify has accelerated its subscription growth. It took the company just over nine months to move from 20 million to 30 million subscribers, adding roughly 1.1 million a month.

Now it has added another nine million subscribers in just five months since March, at a rate of 1.8 million a month.

How has Spotify’s conversion rate changed? That will remain a mystery for now, since Carter did not provide an update on the 100 million active users milestone that Spotify passed in June.

Still, Spotify and its supporters can brandish the acceleration in new subscribers as evidence that its much-debated freemium model is still working – even at a time when Apple Music and Tidal have been bagging exclusives on some of the biggest albums of 2016.

Talking of which… Carter is unsurprisingly un-keen on exclusives, given his current job. “Exclusives are bad for artists, bad for consumers and bad for the whole industry,” he declared in the Billboard interview.

Just seemingly not quite as bad for Spotify’s ability to persuade listeners to subscribe as some in the industry had feared.

Stuart Dredge

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