Teenage developer creates Tidal downloads tool


The music industry is well aware of stream-ripping tools for YouTube and SoundCloud, but audio subscription services haven’t been as obvious a target for the technology.

German teenager ‘Lordmau5’ is trying to change that. Having created one tool to help people download tracks from Spotify, he has turned his attention to Tidal with a tool called TiDown.

“I recently looked into some potential APIs and found out that it’s super simple to get the stream-/offline-URL for the tracks [from TIDAL] and… well… that’s when the coding began,” he told TorrentFreak.

“This is an actual downloader – you are logging into TIDAL through the tool and you get the direct ‘stream-URLs’ that can then be downloaded.”

The coder admits that the tool is only likely to work for a matter of weeks before Tidal blocks it, but rightsholders will be concerned that it was so easy to access those URLs and develop such a tool in the first place.

Stuart Dredge

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