Swedish songwriters form Music Rights Awareness Foundation


A trio of famous Swedish songwriters have launched the latest attempt to bring more transparency to the world of music rights.

ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus is joined by Max Martin and Niclas Molinder in the initiative, which is called the Music Rights Awareness Foundation. They’re no strangers to collaboration: all three are involved in digital rights platform Auddly.

What will their foundation actually do? It’s describing itself as “an apolitical foundation that works to increase the knowledge of music rights worldwide” offering “education and support” to musicians in order to help them “take control of their rights and be able to make a living from their music – regardless of economical, geographical or cultural conditions”.

Noble if fairly generic aims, but the foundation’s first project is interesting. Music Rights in Africa will be working with musicians in Malawi, Rwanda and Tanzania.

“In the new, digital world the songwriter is often the weaker part in a negotiation. Knowledge is power and that’s where Music Rights Awareness comes in,” said Ulvaeus in a statement about the foundation’s general aims.

It will be important to show that the body is not used as a marketing tool for Auddly, but starting off in a continent where music rights issues are deeper than just arguing for a bigger share of streaming revenues is a positive approach on that score.

Stuart Dredge

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