Sturdy Legs? We saw them play Debaser Medis in Stockholm before they got big… No, sorry: the sturdy legs in this instance are those of the Swedish music industry, according to  Universal Music’s Per Sundin. “Today there is no doubt that the Swedish music industry once again stands on sturdy legs,” he said yesterday, as new figures revealed an 8.6% rise in recorded-music revenues in Sweden for the first half of 2016. This, in Spotify’s homelane, which should be one of the most streaming-saturated music markets in the world. While streaming now accounts for 85.8% of the market, those revenues were up 9.6% year-on-year. What saturation? “The continued growth of streamed music in Sweden is not only important from a global perspective to demonstrate that the young generation is growing up choosing legal options, but also locally because it creates strong economic conditions for music companies to invest more and wider in new talent,” said Sundin.

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