Selling tickets through social media? We’ve been here before, and it’s rarely amounted to much in the long term. Perhaps movie-ticketing firm Fandango can give the idea of social ticketing a shot in the arm though. The company has started selling tickets directly within Facebook’s news feed, without pushing people out to another site. “It’s not just about purchasing ease, it’s also about bringing along groups of people,” Fandango president Paul Yanover told the New York Times. “Hey, we’re going to see this movie. Why don’t you come along? Great. Boom. Done.” But this is just part of Fandango’s social expansion: it is also experimenting with ticketing within Apple’s revamped iMessage app, and within Snapchat. “This is about Fandango appearing in these environments in an organic, natural way — the way people communicate with each other now, the way they actually discover, plan and buy,” said Yanover. Music ticketing firms will be watching with interest.

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