Yesterday, Music Ally went to a conference called SnapHappens in London, focused entirely on Snapchat. Well, not entirely: one of the most interesting bits were some tips for Facebook virality shared by social prankster Julius Dein. “It’s share for shares. When I was on 100,000 likes on Facebook, what I did was reached out to other influencers on 100,000 likes and said ‘you share my video and I’ll share yours, and we’ll both hide it from our timelines’,” explained Dein. “In the YouTube world you do collaborations, but on Facebook it’s a very simple share-for-share. As your audience builds up, try and find the other big pages that are going to share your video… When I have a video that has viral potential, I post it on my page and then get all my share partners to share that video… I very strategically go viral. Especially on Facebook, it’s not about luck, it’s about strategy.” We wonder if any groups of musicians will explore this kind of share-for-share strategy for their Facebook videos…

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