Spotify has faced regular criticism from artists large and small about its payouts, but it has also received praise from artists who see it as having helped them break through. The latest example of the latter is Dutch artist Pip Blom, whose blog post about Spotify has been circulating widely in the last 24 hours. She relates how her track ‘Hours’ was picked up by Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. “Fresh Finds got a lot of balls rolling. So did the Spotify playlists,” she wrote. “After Fresh Finds and the curated playlists, the data of Spotify showed traction. People liked my songs, played them and that was a reason for Spotify to put my songs in the pool of Discover Weekly songs. People who didn’t know me got to hear me because Spotify suggested me. In certain weeks my songs were in 60,000 Discover Weekly playlists. And at the moment of writing, almost 8 months after release, this week 20,000 people can discover my music if they listen to their Discover Weekly.”

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