Unofficial Justin Bieber chatbot reaches 3m messages in a week


Sequel is one of the startups hoping to turn messaging chatbots into a business: it describes itself as a “conversational media specialist”.

Its latest conversations are taking place on an unofficial ‘JustinBieberBot’, which Sequel says is “a hybrid of chatterbot, narrative, and fan interaction on messaging apps”.

The bot launched in beta a week ago on Facebook Messenger and Kik, and according to Sequel has already exchanged more than 3m messages with users, and is topping the rankings on Kik’s Bot Shop.

We’ve been chatting with the bot this morning: he’s asked us if we have Bieber Fever; told us why he wanders around cities at night; and banged on about his relationship with Selena Gomez at length.


It’s a fun idea, although the fact that the bot is talking as if it were Justin Bieber poses some interesting legal questions, even though it’s clearly identified as being NOT the actual star.

We know about image rights, but should there be some kind of equivalent ‘conversational’ rights around public figures? Something to ponder.

Anyway, we must get back to giving the bot advice on its romantic life…

Written by: Stuart Dredge