Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine’s latest interview with Billboard is, characteristically, 70% bluster about why Apple is much better than its rivals. Journalists are criticised for “too many articles and not enough time to do the research and the depth of what you need to get a story right” (the right story being why Apple is much better than its rivals, obviously) while there’s a new zinger aimed at Spotify’s work around algorithmic playlists. “We are going to make a combination of tech and popular culture that is exciting and adept at both areas. So that’s what you’re starting to see,” said Iovine. “It’s going to have a voice. It’s not going to be just a utility – ‘Go here and get your music, good luck,’ or, ‘We’re going to send you a list’ – that’s great, but that’s not what this is. That’s not what this was, anyway.” As usual, the truth is deeper: Apple Music IS sending people a list with its My New Music Mix, for example, and it’s a useful addition to the service’s signature curated-playlists. Iovine also reiterated the role of Trent Reznor in Apple Music’s recent redesign. “Trent Reznor was really, truly involved on every level of it. Both in design and engineering, every week, to get it to where it was both technically right and culturally right, to do what we want to do with culture…”

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