Lefsetz and Mulligan assess Amazon Music Unlimited


Sorry, Lefsetz and Mulligan aren’t a 70s folk duo – although it’s a thought. Prominent industry commentators Bob Lefsetz and Mark Mulligan have been having their say on Amazon Music Unlimited, which launched yesterday.

Lefsetz sees it as targeting Apple Music: “If you’re too anxious to go with the upstart Spotify, Amazon is a safe choice,” he wrote. “Never underestimate the price sensitivity of a consumer, especially when the competitor is so well trusted.”

Mulligan, meanwhile, thinks that Amazon’s $7.99-a-month price – even if that’s only for Prime members – may ultimately bring the market standard down to that level. He also hails the integration with Amazon’s Echo speaker as bringing in “music’s zero UI era”, thanks to its emphasis on voice control.

“More and more of music consumption will be voice and gesture driven and Amazon is setting the pace for the voice side of the ‘Zero UI’ equation,” he wrote. “There is less friction between the listener and the music. The music becomes the experience.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge