One of the features in Apple’s latest iOS 10 software is the ability to make apps (and animated stickers) for its iMessage messaging service. Now someone’s made an iMessage app for friends to create collaborative ‘mixtapes’.

The app is called Mixmsg – Make Mixtapes with Friends, and it was released as a free iOS download this week. “Mixmsg helps you create and share two-sided mixtapes as easily as texting,” explains its App Store blurb.

“Easily share life news, all the feels or favourite tunes & bands with a custom mixmsg tape or mixmsg Flyer. Rewind to a time when music said it all.”


Where does its music come from? We’ve given that away in the headline: the “provided by Spotify” text within the app shows the source. Two people can add songs and then play songs in full if they’re Spotify users.

There’s no obvious business model here, and we suspect this kind of thing will ultimately be an iMessage extension for services like Spotify. Even so, it’s an inventive spin on messaging and playlist creation.

(And, perhaps, a reminder that even when everyone who actually remembers cassette tapes as a music format is dead and buried, humanity will still be using the ‘mixtape’ metaphor for collaborative playlists…)

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