Netflix only has 12.4% of IMDB’s top 250 films


We talk a lot in the music industry about which albums are exclusive to or missing from individual streaming services. Over in video-streaming land, though, the catalogue holes are much wider.

The latest data comes from trade site Streaming Observer, which has been comparing Netflix’s catalogue of films with the top 250 flicks on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Two years ago, analysis by a Reddit user found that Netflix had 49 of the top 250 – 19.6%. Streaming Observer finds that this has since declined to just 31, or 12.4%.

Films (and TV shows) move in and out of Netflix’s catalogue according to its licensing deals, in comparison to the music world, where labels strike all-catalogue licences and then individual albums may be windowed or removed for commercial or artist-wish reasons.

Does Netflix have a problem though? Arguably its huge (and growing) investment in original content, films included, is providing more value for subscribers than the missing movies are taking away.

It is a reminder to avoid facile ‘Spotify should commission albums like Netflix commissions TV shows and films’ comparisons though: a world where a Spotify only has 31 of the top 250 albums is currently unimaginable.

Stuart Dredge

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