SoundCloud co-founder still focused on independence


If we were trying to sell Music Ally to Spotify for a nine-figure sum – a remote prospect, admittedly – we’d be telling journalists about our keen desire to stay independent as often as possible.

So, you can possibly take SoundCloud co-founder Eric Wahlforss’ response to a Bloomberg journalist’s question about independence with a pinch of salt.

“Ultimately as a founder as well, that’s kind of where you want to go. You want to have something that’s completely sustainable and a well-functioning business, and obviously that’s what we’re focused on doing,” he said.

SoundCloud’s negotiating position depends, in part, on how well (or how poorly) its SoundCloud Go subscription tier has been performing.

It was interesting to see Wahlforss talk about the impact Go is having on SoundCloud’s non-subscription revenue stream, then.

“Growth is extremely good both on the user side but particularly on the revenue side since we’re rolling out advertising as well in all of those markets,” he said, without revealing specific figures.

Stuart Dredge

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