Spotify relaunches artists site (but payout stats go missing)


Spotify has relaunched its Spotify Artists site, which was launched three years ago as its public communications channel with the musician community.

“This website was our first shot at providing details around the streaming model and explaining how it affected artists,” explains the new site.

“Today, there’s less talk about ‘if’ and many more questions about ‘how’. Which is why we’re shifting the purpose of this website from detailing the mechanics of streaming to helping artists maximise the opportunity it’s created.”

It’s more of a YouTube-style playbook with tips and best-practices for building an audience, in other words, with plans for regular stories about breaking artists and successful marketing campaigns, as well as a FAQ for practical questions about the service.

Something is missing from the relaunched site though: the figures for average per-stream payouts on Spotify.

The original site’s launch in December 2013 was the first time the company outlined its average payouts – “between $0.006 and $0.0084” per stream – and those figures have been used ever since by outsiders, Music Ally included.

Spotify Artists’ new emphasis on best practices is a sensible move, but the removal of the payout stats may fuel more speculation about how the value of a Spotify stream may have changed over the last three years.

Spotify’s payouts have grown rapidly to more than $5bn in that period, but there has been speculation about whether the average per-stream payout has fallen as the service has grown to its current size of more than 100 million listeners.

Stuart Dredge

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