Prince estate sues Tidal for copyright infringement


The dispute between Tidal and Prince’s estate is stepping up a notch, with NPG Records and NPG Music Publishing filing a lawsuit against Roc Nation for copyright infringement.

The filing confirms that in August 2015 Prince and Tidal signed a “letter of intent” to grant the latter a 90-day exclusive on his ‘HitnRun: Phase 1’ album, but claims that the plaintiffs “are not aware of any agreements with Roc Nation or Tidal by NPG Records or NPG Publishing other than the Letter of Intent”.

This, despite Tidal making a number of other Prince albums available to stream on its service after his death. The lawsuit claims Tidal and Roc Nation “did not communicate” with the two NPG companies or Prince’s estate about that expansion.

As we reported earlier this week, Roc Nation has already filed its own legal documents claiming “oral and written” agreements to exclusively stream Prince’s catalogue on Tidal.

The two NPG companies claim Tidal and Roc Nation have yet to provide any documentation or other evidence of these agreements. Roc Nation has yet to comment publicly on the lawsuit.

Stuart Dredge

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